Gelx Achilles Heel Protector

Soft Comfortable Gel Pad Protects


Gelx Achilles Heel Protector Covered Pad Cushions and Protects

Each pack contains 1 Achilles Heel Protector Sleeve
Universal Fit for Left or Right Foot
Available in 2 sizes

Gelx pure mineral oil enriched gel appliances are 100% medical grade, non-allergenic and dermatologically tested. Mineral oil continually conditions the skin, leaving it very soft. The Gelx Achilles Heel Protector absorbs shock, reduces pressure and friction on the posterior of the heel. It is ideal for relief from pump bumps (Haglund deformity) or sore, fatigued or injured Achilles tendon.

Its soft, comfortable gel pad protects the posterior of the heel from friction while gently compressing and reducing pressure around the heel area.

  • Reduces pressure and friction
  • 3mm Gel Thickness
  • Durable and stretchable
  • Washable and reusable
  • Designed for slim profiile in footwear

Made from Gelx mineral oil gel, enriched with mineral oils to moisturise, lubricate and soften the skin. The gel is durable and stretchable, meaning that the product can be easily placed in position or applied. Gelx mineral oil products are washable and reusable, they will not bottom out or break up.

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Gelx Technology takes the best of nature and infuses botanicals and vitamins right into their gel formulas to provide the healing advantage and improve the positive effects of natural healing on the overall well-being.

About M-Gel


M-Gel Formulation:

This advanced oil based polymer gel slowly releases medical grade mineral oil vitamins that soften and moisturise skin.  Dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, odourless, washable and reusable.


Vitamin F Forte


Essential to the Growth and maintenance of healthy skin. It reduces moisture loss and secures the skin’s water-retaining capacity. Protects and revitalizes mature skin and perfectly suitable for dry to very dry skin. Regenerates the lipid system and the skin's own protective mechanisms. Makes the skin soft and supple and maintains the skin’s protective barrier.

Vitamin E


Binds free radicals and prevents their destructive action in lipids, cells and cell membranes. Vitamin E promotes the biological stability of the cells and smoothes and strengthens the skin. It also possesses moisturizing properties.

Shea Butter  width=  

Soft Fat derived from the fruits of the Shea Tree. It has a smoothing effect and protects the skin against negative environmental factors. Shea butter moisturises and protects the skin while promoting an even skin tone.

 Aloe Vera  width=

Soothes damaged, irritated skin. It’s highly moisturizing and helps the regenerative process in damaged skin (cuts and wounds).



Do not place product on open wound. If irritation, discomfort or poor circulation occurs, discontinue use and notify your healthcare professional. To prevent maceration (excessive softening / breaking down of the skin) do not wear for more than 8 hours in every 24.



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