Funghi Clear Anti-Fungal Spray

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Funghi Clear™ - Anti Fungal Spray 50ml

The Natural Solution For Nail Fungus

Funghi Clear™ is recognised around the world by foot experts as the natural solution to combat and prevent toenail fungus, restoring discolouration, brittleness or thickening of the nails. Based on a carefully selected combination of 100% natural active ingredients including Manuka Oil, Basil, Mint & Lavender which all work together to create an effective and easy to use anti-fungal spray.

The active ingredient in Funghi Clear™, responsible for inhibiting the growth of fungus is Manuka Oil, which is well known for its anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-viral properties. Funghi Clear™ uses only premium quality Manuka Oil, sourced from New Zealand, and rich in Triketones (25%+), with strong antifungal, antibacterial & antiviral benefits. 

Thanks to its clever nozzle design, Funghi Clear™ can be sprayed in any direction too, even upside down. This makes it easy to use, especially when needing to stretch or reach to the toes and feet. The upside-down spray mechanism offers you some cost-savings too as every last drop can of the bottle can be used. This makes it easy to comply with the recommended usage of twice a day for at least 3-4 months consecutively. 

Due to its antibacterial and refreshing properties, Funghi Clear™ can also be used to deodorise the inside of your shoes, with just one application every other day. 

  • Recommended by Professionals
  • 100% Natural Active Ingredients
  • Clever Design and Easy to Use

Funghi Clear™ is a medical device under EU regulation, which can be recognized by the CE mark on the packaging. Funghi Clear™ is safe to use with no side effects and effective to combat and prevent toenail fungus. Funghi Clear™ can safely be used, also by people with sensitive skin, people who suffer from diabetes or by women during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Natural Ingredients

Natural Active Ingredients Benefits


Manuka Oil is well known for its healing properties by Maori culture and is also well documented by western medicine. The enzyme released from Manuka oil is rich in triketones and other compounds which rich in anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-viral properties. To ensure its potency, Funghi Clear™ sources premium quality Manuka herb extract from New Zealand which deliver a high dosage, (25%+) of the antifungal tricitones, responsible for quickly killing off fungus.


Basil Oil is included as it is has an effect of improving the immune system and provides antiseptic cleansing activity at a microbial level. Basil oil also helps to transport the Manuka-oil’s antifungal action to move to the subdermal layers of the skin and under the nail, where fungus develops. This helps to ensure fungus is eliminated at its source and does not develop and reappear after visible signs are gone. 


Mint Extracts delivers a cooling and pleasantly refreshing effect when Funghi Clear is applied. It also helps to prevent itching and irritation of the skin, especially for those who are prone to scratch due to athletes foot ( skin fungus ) around the toes or feet. 


Lavender Extracts have been included in the spray to give Funghi Clear™ its signature fragrance and sweet aroma. Funghi Clear™ realise that if you have to use the spray twice each day, you should enjoy and look forward to the time you apply it. There is no more need for the repulsive, synthetic chemical smells which you often find with other antifungal solutions. 


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Pain Relieving


Improving Skin Condition

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Additional Information

Directions to Prevent: Spray Funghi Clear on the dried feet, especially on the toenails and inbetween the toes. The shoes can also be treated preventively by spraying on the inside with Funghi Clear™.

Directions to Combat: Spray twice a day on infected toenails and/or skin of the feet, preferably in the morning and the evening. For optimal effect, it is important to maintain this daily routine for at least 3 months and for 3 - 4 weeks after visible symptoms have cleared.

Active Ingredients: Manuka Oil, Basil Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lavender Oil, Vitamin E

Additives: Water, Glycerin, Polysorbate 80, Zinc, Pyrithione, Zea Mays ( Corn Starch), Maltodextrin, Silica, Linalol Limonene

Storage Conditions: Store at a dry and cool place and leep out of reach of young children. For expiry date see bottom side of this packaging.

Caution: Funghi Clear™ is intended for external use only. Do not use in the eyes, mucous membranes or on genitals