Formthotics Original Single Layer Soft Density Insoles

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Formthotics Original Single Layer Soft Density Insoles

The Formthotics Original Single Soft are optimised to provide maximum cushioning and comfort, perfect for users with sensitive or rigid feet, or for users with medical conditions such as diabetes and arthritis.  The Original Single Soft is not suitable for larger users with heavy frames.

  • Thermoformable - Can be remoulded by a foot care professional to fit your foot s unique shape.

  • Last longer on your feet Deep heel cup and teardrop shaped arch support provides shock absorption and increases stability and control.

  • Ultrafresh technology inhibits bacterial and fungal growth, reducing odour and stains.

  • High grade Formax foam holds it shape for longer and is waterproof, lightweight and hypoallergenic.

Formthotics are 3D milled, meaning the foam structure remains consistent and does not have heavily compressed thin areas associated with compression moulded foam, and the foam still has the ability to be moulded.

With their unique design and manufacturing process, Formthotics are used by everyone from elite sports people to anybody who finds themselves on their feet all day. Ideal for work or play, Formthotics are the ultimate insoles that fit naturally to your feet.

3D Milled Formax Foam
Antimicrobial Heel Cup
Arch Support




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