Crescent Shaped Chamois Leather Toe Props

Comfortable Elasticated Toe Loop

£4.35 inc VAT



Leather Toe Props with Elasticated Loop

Each pack contains 1 Leather Toe Prop

Anatomically shaped for left or right foot

Available in three different sizes for a perfect fit


Leather Toe Probs (crests / bolsters) provide support to toes which have a tendency to curl.

Ideal for Claw Tow and Hammer Toe conditions to provide lift and support to effected toes.

Crescent-shaped latex moulds covered in chamois leather, which can be fitted to the toe using the elastic loop.

Size Guide

   Length  Width  Height  Recommended Shoe Size
 Small  5cm  1.9cm  1.2cm  Up to UK 5 (38 EU )
 Medium  5cm  2.1cm  1.4cm  5- 8 UK (38 - 42 EU )
 Large  6cm  2.5cm  1.6cm  9 + UK

Toe Props should ideally be placed under 2nd, 3rd & 4th Toes

Please note estimated shoe sizes & toe uses are based on average sizes. Actual sizing can very from person to person.



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