Clinell Hand Sanitising Gel 250ml

Fast Acting Easy Dry Gel

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Clinell Hand Gel - 250ml

Ideal for use in work, home or on the move, Clinell hand gel is an essential product for good hand hygiene practice.

The fast-acting, easy-dry gel instantly sanitises hands without the need for soap and water. The skin-friendly, moisturising formula leaves hands clean with no stickiness.

Ideal for quickly and easily disinfecting hands on the go. Featuring a unique, skin-friendly blend of 70% alcohol and biocides containing glycerine and aloe vera extracts. Gels dry in a matter of seconds and leave hands clean, moisturised and feeling refreshed without any residual stickiness.

Clinell hand sanitiser has been dermatologically tested and contains extracts of aloe vera and green tea to gently moisturise the hands, making Clinell hand sanitiser suitable for prolonged use.

Available in a range of sizes including the 50ml and 100ml Clinell alcohol gel flip-top bottles and the larger 250ml and 500ml Clinell hand sanitising gel pump top bottles, there is a Clinell hand sanitizing gel to suit all situations.