Carnation (Skippies) Heel Pads

Advanced Pressure Relief Poron Insole

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Carnation Skippies

Advanced Pressure Relief System

Six Month Guarentee

Advanced Shock Absorption Poron

Rapid Cushion Recovery


Long life heel pads have excellent energy absorbing properties. 

Poron material “Breathes” by allowing moisture to move away from the heel leaving it cooler. The material will rebound to recover its original thickness in a fraction of a second and unlike some other products will not compress, harden or break up.

  • Reduces Fatigue, aches and pains to the feet legs and back.
  • Relieves pain due to heel spurs.
  • Absorb the shock of heel strike.
  • Chamfered edge for extra comfort.

1 Pair – One Size


APR system products use technologically advanced materials extensively tested and used in professional chiropody which excellent shock absorption is needed to bring relief from pain.


The unique micropourous cellular structure:

  • Absorbs shocks as the foot strikes the ground.
  • Evenly distributes energy generated across the total area thereby reducing fatigue, aches and pains.
  • Rebounds to original thickness in a fraction of a second.
  • Will not compress, harden or break up, unlike other materials.
  • Allows for moisture to move away from skin leaving the feet feeling cooler.
  • Delivers guaranteed long life comfort.




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