Aqua Safe Guard Socks

Verruca & Infection Protection for the Pool

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Aqua Safe Guard Socks

For Protection Against Verrucae & Other Foot Infections

Designed to protect your feet from verrucae, atheletes foot and other foot infections commonly found in the indoor swimming environment.

Made from 100% Natural Latex

  • Slip resistant sole.
  • Contoured shape for comfort.
  • Use in swimming Pools, changing rooms, showers, baths etc.
  • Available in adults and childrens sizes.
  • Left and right markings to prevent verucca cross contamination.


They can also be used to keep foot dressings dry when swimming BUT only after a Doctor or your podiatrist has been consulted.

When using the Aqua Safe socks to keep a dressing dry, we recommend to use a dressing tape such as Hypafix to create tension around the ankle and prevent water from getting into the socks

Usage Instructions


1)     Gather Up Guard Socks and pull gently on the foot. Talcum Powder may be used to reduce any friction and prevent tearing
2)     Aqua Safe Guard socks are marked L and R (Left and Right). Always wear the same foot to prevent cross infection.
3)     To make Guard Socks easier to put on and more comfortable to wear, the four protrusions at the toe end can be removed with scissors
4)     After use wash thoroughly in clean water. Towel dry and dust lightly with talcum powder


Important :

Before swimming with a foot infection or dressing always consult your pharmacist for doctor first.

Note: Verucae and athlete’s foot are not waterborne. They are caught by feet making contact with the contaminated wet surfaces.

Slip Resistant Sole reduces risk of slipping on wet surfaces - due care must still be given to prevent slipping.

Size Guide

 Size  UK EU
 X Small 9 - 12 ( Kids) 26.5 - 30
 Small12.5 - 2.5 31 - 25.5
 Medium 3 - 5 36 - 38.5
 Large 5.5 - 8 39 - 42.5
 X Large 8.5 - 11 43 - 46



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