Addaday Hexi Foam Roller and Footy Massage Ball

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Addaday Hexi Foam Roller Small and Footy Massage Ball

Easy to Transport
Deep Tissue Massaging Duo 

This duo features the Footy massage ball and a Hexi foam roller. The Footy with tiny knobs applies targeted pressure to your feet for muscle soreness relief. The Hexi foam roller improves flexibility and prevents muscle guarding for active pain relief, encouraging optimal blood flow. 

Deep Tissue Therapy & Plantar Fasciitis Relief 

Designed with your feet in mind, the tiny knobs on the textured Footy massage ball help you to reach deep into the fascia, making it the perfect foot roller massage tool for plantar fasciitis relief.

The Hexi foam roller features smooth nodules that connect to the fascia with precision, allowing you to control your roll and get deep into your muscles.

Versatile & Natural Feel 

The Hexi Mini Foam Roller with 6 different facets is easy to use and is designed to mimic fingers and elbows for a natural feel. 

Small, Portable & Durable 

  • Take this duo with you anywhere. The Hexi foam roller is 7 inches long
  • Keep it at home or throw it in your gym bag to take care of tired muscles on-the-go.
  • It’s made with durable material that can withstand your weight and won’t break down.
  • Increase control in rolling by using the roller and ball on a yoga mat or carpet
  • Compact six-sided roller is versatile and as effective as larger rollers
  • Padded cushioning for a soft touch finish