Active Comfort Earthbound Replacement Insoles

Advanced Support – 55% Renewable

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Spenco Active Comfort Earthbound” Insoles

Big performance with a little footprint”
For the naturist hiker in us all.

All the features of the Total Support® Max but made with 55% recycled and renewable materials.The Earthbound replacement insoles have been specifically designed to provide advanced support and stability to the heel, mid-foot, ball-of-the foot and the toe-off areas of the feet, which ensures of maximum comfort. Featuring the unique 3-Pod cushioning system to absorb shock and impact the Earthbound replacement insoles work by providing advanced arch support and deep heel cupping, which helps to stabilise and support the feet.

The Earthbound insoles also feature a recycled fabric with an antimicrobial coating to help control odour and prevent blisters. These insoles contain 55% recycled and renewable materials consisting of 65% EVA and 35% cork. Ideal for serious athletes needing stiffer, more rigid support. Recommended for use in hiking boots and shoes, athletic, tennis, basketball and Training shoes with removable sockliners.

  • 3-Pod” – Cushioning System (patented) absorbs shock and helps prevent over pronation.
  • PolySorb® Stability Cradle – made with recycled nylon 66 provides advanced arch support and deep heel cupping.
  • Recycled Fabric with low friction Silpure Antimicrobial Top Cloth – helps prevent blisters and control odour
  • Metatarsal Dome – offloads pressure from the ball of foot to help relieve forefoot pain.
  • Forefoot Crash Pad – provides extra cushioning under the ball of foot for a smooth transition to toe-off.
  • Deep Heel Cup – helps to reduce over pronation or supination

Unconditionally guaranteed for 1 year

Directions for Use

Remove the original  insole from the shoe (some brands of shoes glue the insole to the shoe, but careful removal will not damage the shoe).  Use the original insole as a guide to trace and trim the Spenco® Earthbound Replacement Insole. Insert the Spenco® into the shoes.



Recycled EVA, cork, Polyurethane, Recycled Nylon 66, recycled polyester topcloth with Silpure Anti-Microbial.
Thickness at Heel: 8.50mm (3/8in), Thickness at Forefoot: 3.50mm (1/8in)



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